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I was born in Montreal on October 14, 1977 as a Libra. My father is French Canadian and my mother is second generation Italian. My father was the one who chose the name Bianca, meaning ďwhiteĒ in Italian. Unfortunately, my mother never did learn Italian so she couldn't teach me... So I speak French and I manage quite well in English.
To focus more on latex, I bought my first dress at the age of 18. It was short and sleeveless from Polymorphe, a Montreal-based designer that would eventually become an important associate of mine. I had found the dress in one of Montrealís many sex shops. When I first saw it my reaction was one of surprise and then fear. I always liked sexy clothes as well as kinky experiences and I was quite open, even at a young age. But, because this fabric was foreign to me and Martin had immediately liked this particular dress, I felt insecure and in uncharted territory. Iím also the type of person that goes beyond her fears so I secretly went back and bought the dress and a pair of black opera gloves a month later. It came up to $400 CND which was a lot for a girl still in school and working at McDonaldís! But it didnít take me long to like this new fabric. I feel very sexy when I wear latex and I feel that my body is perfect, which is exactly how I felt wearing that dress! Itís funny how we look less tried in a red catsuit! :-) Apart from the look that latex gives, I also like its smooth texture and also its particular smeel, which can is sometimes sweet as well.
It wasnít too long after the purchase of my first dress that Martin had the idea to create a website dedicated to the love of latex. It was called Fetish Latex Lover and is unfortunately no longer active. And then, since he loved taking photos of me, he had the idea to launch Biancaís Latex Lair. At first, I wasnít pleased with the idea. Once again, I felt insecure towards the unknown and myself ni general. I was under the impression that no one would visit my site. Boy, was I wrong! The Lair was born in December 1998 and rapidly became highly visited.
So I dived into this adventure, but with some reluctance. I loved posing in front of the camera (which I hated doing between the ages of 13-16) and seducing everyone that would see the photos. But sometimes I would find it hard to let go without criticizing myself and being afraid of ridicule. Today, this fear has completely vanished and modeling was the perfect therapy to get rid of it. Every new shoot gives me the opportunity to bring forth my emotions and to play with the camera. Each experience brings me new satisfaction and personal growth. I donít think I could ever stop living this wonderful feeling.

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